Diet for Acne

Diet for acne can be part of the holistic approach to get rid off acne once in for, although it may take some time to get to a more permanent solution. It is actually very easy to implement a dietary program as part of the daily routine.
Having healthy food and a balanced diet is always beneficial for those who are suffering from acne problem. Now the question is what food one should eat what to avoid. Here are some simple and easy to follow guidelines.


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Usually foods containing Trans fats and saturated fats contribute to an oily skin. However, a higher intake of protein may help in controlling acne by decreasing production of certain enzymes that cause higher oil production which causes clogged pores. One should avoid high proportion of carbs such as 60 to 70% of carbohydrates in a healthy diet for acne. Any animal products such as dairy, meats and poultry contain saturated fats should be eaten in moderation.

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A high intake of calories leads to increased levels of hormone and this causes ‘acne breakouts’ such as fried food and refined sugar, these should be avoided as much as possible. Also acne sufferers should avoid junk foods, fast foods and excessive consumption of tea and coffee.Also it is a common belief that eating chocolates increased acne which should not be part of a healthy diet for acne since chocolate contains high proportions of saturated fat.

To control acne, one should include higher intake of protein as part of the balanced diet as it may lead to decreased production of certain enzymes that cause higher oil production. In addition one should have daily intake of vitamin A which helps with acne control along with green Tea that causes a decrease in the production of androgens and should be part of the diet program for healthy skin.

One should also avoid very salty foods such as chips that contain high level iodine which can lead to a fresh outbreaks of acne. To counter all of these, create a regular and consistent diet program that includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruits which are excellent food for acne prevention; at a minimum one needs to have four to five servings of vegetables and one to two servings of fruit per day.

Fiber should also be part of the daily meal as it relives constipation which can lead to an excessive release of toxin and good source of fiber is salads. Also drink plenty of water about six to eight glasses daily which will help flushing out the toxins.

Finally, it is always recommended to seek expert professional advise so that with holistic approach and guidance from specialist will provide a complete treatment for acne and it can be eliminated over time for good.

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