Acne Wash

Acne wash is a major step in treating acne despite the impressive breakthrough achieved by medical science in treating acne. A gentle cleansing must precede topical treatment in order to prevent irritation, because irritation can lead to more breakouts.

When selecting a facial cleanser, one needs to look for the terms “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” (non-acne aggravating). When references such as mild, “non-irritating”, and “non-overdrying” are mentioned, it is generally considered a safe direction to take. If the acne is inflammatory, the most common variety that comes with redness, one needs to avoid any scrubbing cleansers. Simply select a gentle liquid cleanser with no scrubbing agents, beads, or balls.The Scar Solution - Natural Scar Removal

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Now a days many acne cleansers include other medications. For instance, Neutrogena Acne Wash “Oil-Free Cream Cleanser” has 2% salicylic acid in it while 10% benzoyl peroxide is in Clean & Clear “Continuous Control Acne Cleanser”. These kind of cleansers often washes off the medication and may unwittingly be layering medications if starts with a medication containing cleanser and then apply a second medication afterward. Best approach, a gentle cleansing followed with application of medication.

One should wash the face twice per day, morning and evening. Excessive washing can cause irritation. So one needs to be as kind to skin as possible.

When washing, use bare hands and wash for 10 seconds or less. Do not use washcloth as it is irritating. Consider washing as a simply prep work for the skin before using medication, nothing more. By washing breakouts do not clear since dirt does not cause acne, therefore, there is absolutely no need to scrub.

Always pat dry and avoid rub dry. Rubbing the skin can cause irritation, and excessive irritation can lead to more breakouts. Stick to gently pat dry.

Once the face is properly cleansed, it is time to apply medication the doctor prescribed according to the individual need. Click on the link below to learn more about acne wash and the type of treatments needed to get rid off acne once in for all.

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